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Classic Car Glass Kits

Classic Car & Truck Glass

Flat Glass Kits

Our flat glass kits contain every piece of glass you will need for your classic car or truck. Even the Wind Wings (We call them vent windows where we're from). The flat glass lists have all tempered glass with machine polished edges that are exposed. We can do laminated glass too if you prefer, but strongly recommend tempered for durability and the finest edgework.

Our glass is cut from over 10,000 patterns that we have taken, customized, and perfected over 18 years of professional operation. If you need 1930 Model A Glass or glass for a 1957 Chevy Bel Air, we have what you need. Maybe you have an "odd ball" car, say, a 1937 Hudson Terraplane. Guess what? We have that too! We carry glass for just about every domestic car that's ever been made!

Glass colors:

  • Clear
  • Solex (Green tint)
  • Smoke Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Bronze

The color that suits your car best depends on your paint color as well as your interior. If you're not sure what color glass to go with, a good rule of thumb is that smoke grey matches everything because of its neutral color. Call us to discuss your needs, and we'll help you with some great advice (Our advice is always free!).

The doors, vents, quarter glass, and back glass for your classic car or truck is our specialty. Having proper fitting glass makes for a professional looking installation. If your door glass is too loose, it's going to rattle. If it's too tight, it's difficult to roll up and down. How about vent windows that don't close right? Yes, without the proper fit, this is normal. We pride ourselves on quality fit items at a competitive price (And if we may say so, with us in your back pocket, you're going to have a better glass job than most people!).

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Curved Glass Kits

We sell curved glass for windshields and back glass, but haven't advertised these much in the past as "kits." We can deliver these one piece at a time, or in complete packages. They look beautiful in muscle cars like Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles, Chargers, Novas, Corvettes, and more!

Call us if you're looking for a complete glass package or if you just need a section of door glass. We can help in all cases!

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We manufacture one piece, two piece, and two piece "V-butt" windshields for all classic cars. Want information on Windshields? Click for information on Windshields for Classic Cars and Trucks.

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